General Motors Company Analysis

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General Motors Company

Sharron Rose

Capella University

February 17, 2012

Unit 6 Assignment 2: Company Analysis


General Motors Company has played a pivotal role in the global auto industry for more than 100 years. However in 2008, it was almost brought to its knees by a major recession and global credit crisis that drove car sales to near depression levels and dried up private sources of capital. This paper attempts to review what happened to General Motors while analyzing the macroeconomics of its corporate operations.

General Motors Company (GM) is an American multinational automobile
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A new market emerges of single & career focused women with greater disposable income which makes them a valuable target audience for some of GMs new brands. However, with current economic trends in mature markets such as the US and UK, and with rising fuel prices, consumers will think twice before investing thousands of cash in GM brand vehicles, which have lacked fuel efficiency. Thus, a new portfolio of products has become increasingly important, and investing in research and development of hybrid SUVs will be the next step in satisfying the demands of these money-conscious groups. The impact of the internet, in particular, has had a huge impact on every industry including on the automobile industry. As a result of the internet, customers now have in-depth information about different offerings between different brands/competitors. They can quickly compare prices, quality and service, and evaluate different options before making their choice. Yet, the internet is also creating opportunities for companies like GM and should be embraced by the automotive industry. Technological advancements are giving rise to market globalization. As customer needs and preferences collide and become more similar this will allow for transference of marketing of global brands such as GM across countries. Marketing activities will developed globally thus offering cost advantages for the global


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