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E-Business Ch. 6 – 10 Assignments
Chapter 6 Questions
1) Is growth of the internet, in terms of users, expected to continue indefinitely? What will cause it to slow if anything?
Internet growth is now currently slowing. This is because of computer costs. Unless the price of computers drop significantly the internet growth rate will continue to decline
3) Would you say that the Internet fosters or impedes social activity? Explain your position.
I would say both. The Internet probably both fosters and impedes social activity. It fosters it because socially network, e-mail, instant messaging, and blog. These things help people stay in touch with friends and family. Blogs also serve as a positive outlet for people to vent and or
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Freebies such as free Internet service and giveaways often did not cause the stimulus to sales that firms believed they would. This is because many so-called “freeloaders” never had the intention of paying for the product or additional products. They would simply switch to another free service if the one they were using began to charge fees or stop usage altogether if alternatives no longer existed.
23) Why do companies that bundle products and services have an advantage over those that don't or can't offer this option?
Bundling offers consumers two or more goods for one price and the key behind the idea is that customers are more willing to buy a bundle of goods at a fixed price compared to a single item. The reason why it can be successful is because a business is able to sell certain items in a bundle that they could not sell by itself. IE: gift with purchase.

Chapter 6:

1. Go to the SRI site ( Take the survey to determine what lifestyle category you fit into. Write a brief, two-page paper describing how your lifestyle and values impact your use of the Web for e-commerce. How is your online consumer behavior affected by your lifestyle?
The VALS survey described me as both an experiencer and innovator. My life style is very much so filled with experiences that “I can’t believe are happening” to me, that is what life


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