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This reflective essay is based upon my experience working alongside the Infection Prevention and Control Support Nurses at the general hospital. As part of my learning experience as a 2nd year student nurse is to accompany the infection control nurses when visiting the wards The role of the IPCSN involved teaching, educating and advising all disciplines across the Trust, monitoring outbreaks and daily surveillance.

I will structure this essay using Gibbs Model of Reflection (Gibbs 1988). Reflective learning helps practitioners analyse their experiences and how they think and feel about them before
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However, the results of screening tests take some time becoming available on the database and failure in communication can prevent the results reaching the wards promptly. During my nurse training I have learned about the common hospital acquired infections (HCAI) meticillin-resistant staphylococcus aureaus (MRSA), clostridium difficile (c-diff) and norovirus, but now I know that there are many more micro-organisms that the IPCT have to record and monitor when arise at times the IPCT have to report the situation to the department of health. I have gained a lot of experience from this placement regarding Infection control and I now have a broad range of knowledge of which I will pass on to future colleagues and junior staff.

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