Reflection on Taking Blood Pressure

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The aim of this essay is to reflect and discuss my knowledge acquired in a simulated learning skill experience which forms part of my training as a student nurse in accordance with the Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC 2010).

(Marieb and Hoehn, 2010, p 703) defined Blood Pressure (BP) as ‘the force per unit area exerted on a vessel wall by the contained blood, and is expressed in millimetres of mercury (mm Hg)’. BP is still one of the essential and widely used assessment tools in healthcare settings. Nurses generally record the arterial BP which is the forced exerted blood that flows through the arteries, to establish a baseline and to determine any risk factors. BP
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This will provide more accurate results and also alleviate any anxiety the patients may have before or after the procedure. Some results may need further treatments and advice, which should be discussed privately.

The second aspect of the simulated learning skill which needs further development is accuracy in measuring and reading of BP results. During the simulated skills due to the noise within the room it was difficult to hear the first Korotkoff sound. Accurate reading determine prognosis for commencing, assessing and terminating patient’s treatments. According to (NMC 2010) as a student nurse I need to perform this skill efficiently, consistently, with an accurate recording. BP measurement is vital, considering consistency of all nurses and equipments to minimise errors that may contribute to discrepancies in results which can affect clinical treatment decisions. It is recommended that all equipments should be maintained and calibrated regularly in accordance with (NICE 2011) guidelines. The environment should be suitable for BP measurement; if the room temperature is cold it may result in vasoconstriction leading to a high BP and an inaccurate reading. Maintaining adequate space, the patient should be comfortable throughout the procedure to avoid any stress which can affect the results. The room should be quiet, so that the Korotkoff sounds can be heard at the appropriate time; all equipment and measurement area reflecting correct body posture


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