How Current Health and Safety Legislation, Policies and Procedures Are Implemented in Setting

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Job Brief

Each childminder will be registered and inspected with Ofsted to ensure that they are able to demonstrate the quality and standards of care required by Ofsted, the Early Years Foundation Stage and the NCMA. Each childminder must ensure that they provide high quality childcare, within a positive, safe and happy environment. Childminders are responsible for planning and preparing a programme of play based activities and in the completion of all relevant record keeping, paperwork and administration.

Responsibilities and Duties

All Childminders have a responsibility to promote and demonstrate a high level of professionalism when carrying out their work.

Quality Child Care

To provide high quality care by • to
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Ofsted inspectors will carry out checks on your childminding service periodically. You will be issued with a report setting out their findings and any actions they feel you must take. This report must be made available to parents.
An Ofsted Childcare Inspector may carry out an investigation into your childcare provision to check that you are meeting all the National Standards and requirements.
If necessary, Ofsted can take action against you if the National Standards and other requirements are not met.
It is a fineable offence to work as a childminder without being registered by Ofsted.


Anyone wishing to become a registered childminder must meet the standards and conditions set out by Ofsted. There are certain factors that may disqualify you from becoming registered and if this is the case you will not be able to become a childminder.
Your registration may be disqualified if you or any person who lives or works with you has been: • put on the Protection of Children Act list which considers a person unsuitable to work with children; • convicted or charged with any offence against a child; • convicted or charged with certain offences against an adult; • listed on the Department for Education and Employment


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