synthetic wigs vs human hair wigs

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Human hair wigs vs Synthetic

From Napoleon to Cher, wigs have been indicators of social status, allow oneself to become another person in a matter of seconds, change one’s overall appearance for either a very natural look or a dramatic look. I’d like to discuss the difference between synthetic and human hair wigs and hairpieces. Synthetic wigs are durable and more often than not more affordable than human hair wigs. Because they are made of synthetic materials, up close and to the touch, they do not feel like natural hair. They are also abnormally shiny which can be a dead giveaway that the person is wearing a wig.. The synthetic wig, because it is made of thicker material, will also not breathe as well as the human hair wig
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The downsides to owning a real human hair wig are the price and the extent of care. Most human hair wigs are very expensive .Human hair is, however, more versatile than synthetic hair being that it can be colored, relaxed, or curled with heating appliances just as one would do with his or her own hair. Human hair wigs also require more upkeep. Just like real hair, human hair wigs do not hold their shape after washing. Each time you wash a human hair wig you must restyle it or take it back to the stylist for setting. These wigs don't hold their style permanently you must use more products on them to keep them looking good.
High quality 100% human hair is more expensive than hair mixed with other materials (synthetic hair is most common) most wigs come with excessive hair and it is recommended that they be taken to a stylist to be shaped and customized to your individual features. The same maintenance that one would apply to his or her own hair should be applied to the human hair to keep it in good condition.
While most synthetic hair wigs are less expensive than human hair wigs, you do need to choose a higher priced wig if you want a more natural look. The higher the quality of the wig the more it will resemble human hair. The best hair is of Either Brazilian or Indian. Before deciding between a human hair and synthetic hair wig it is best