805 1 the Four Functions of Management

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Introduction to Management

Assignment One (805.1): The Four Functions of Management

Task One: Interview
The person I chose to interview for my case study was the Village Manager at Summerset Aotea. Summerset Aotea is a new retirement village for the over 65’s that opened 7 years. The majority of its residents live independently however it is able to provide up to resthome level care for residents living in the main building. The current Village Manager has worked at Aotea for almost 4 years and with Summerset for 7 years. She manages 24 staff including caregiving, nursing, property, activities, sales, café and office staff.

Q) There are many types of plans that workplaces use to meet their goals and objectives, including
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A) Performance appraisals. For the senior staff it’s a case of going through the motions so we can tick it off for that year. However they are good for the caregivers and the less senior staff, it’s a good tool to help them. It’s an opportunity to talk with them about specifics of their role, areas for growth and for them to receive some praise and recognition. Because I check in regularly with staff and there is ongoing positive reinforcement I find the PA ends up being a bit redundant.
Task Two: Written Assignment

Every organisation, regardless of its size, will have developed and implemented a management system for it to run smoothly and accomplish the goals and objectives it has set. An effective management system, if broken down, will be made up of four main functions, which are planning, organising, leadership and control. This essay will explore aspects of these functions and how they interlink to build an efficient, effectively run organisation.

Planning is the foundation upon which the other three functions should be built. Planning provides direction and reduces resource wastage by ensuring actions taken are deliberate and not unstructured. Managers must plan in order to know how to run the business in the most efficient and effective manner possible.
“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French writer, poet & aviator

There are many plan types that an organisation would use as part of their management


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