Strategic Plan Analysis Paper

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Strategic Plan Analysis Paper University of Phoenix MGT/449 - Quality Management and Productivity LM08BAM02 John F. Salvagno July 23, 2009

Strategic Plan Analysis Paper The organizations that will be discussed are Century 21 Powerhouse Realty where I am employed at as a real estate agent and the Disney organization, which is an organization that has adopted total quality management. In the following paragraphs I will evaluate my organization’s mission, vision, goals, and objectives as well as discuss the relationship
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Both organizations focus on providing excellent service and are customer satisfaction focused. However, in my organization which is real estate, customer satisfaction is not widely monitored by our manager or broker unless we have a client who calls in to complain about a certain individual or service. At the Disney theme park, customer satisfaction is taken much more seriously. Another similarity between the two organizations is the regular meetings held within the company to track progress and discuss effectiveness. Training is highly practiced at both organizations, although for different purposes. The Disney theme park offers training in the quality and customer service area whereas in my organization we are trained on selling. Disney Theme Park TQM Characteristics Disney believes that through people management, Disney achieved their success and has sustained it. The characteristics of Disney’s total quality management are simply people oriented. Disney discovered that people remembered people. Therefore, the following is Disney’s approach: * Organizational culture: In organizational culture, the objective is to define the corporate culture, explore the Disney culture’s elements, and discover tools to analyze any organization’s culture. * Selecting Right-Fit Talent: The objective is to examine the Disney process of recruitment and selection and explore tools to analyze the existing selection process


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