Impact of External and Internal Factors on the Four Functions of Management

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Impact of External and Internal Factors on the Four
Functions of Management
External and internal factors such as globalization, technology, innovation, diversity and ethics can greatly impact the four functions of management. Functions such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling can be influenced by these different internal and external factors since organizations need to ensure that they are addressed properly for business success. In addition, knowing the external and internal factors help organizations in identifying the business risks that exist in the environment in which they operate. This paper will focus on United Way, a non-profit community-based organization that was initially found in communities, large and small,
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Volunteer Solutions is a medium used by area helping agencies to post their volunteer openings on the site. Potential volunteers register on the site and search for possible positions by their zip code, area of interest or agency name. When a match is found, volunteers are then notified. During the first week of its inception, Volunteer Solutions matched approximately 40 volunteers to local nonprofits (Davis, 2003).
Not only does the United Way use technology to enhance business operations, the nonprofit also employs technology to better serve its constituents. “United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta and its partners…piloted an electronic benefits calculator, a tool that streamlines the eligibility and enrollment process for federal, state and community benefits” (United Way of America, n.d., pg. 11). Over a two-year period, awards for benefits increased by $453,000. Technology is an essential tool used by United Way to increase efficiency and allocation of resources, generate donor contributions and expand community services. Without the use of technology, United Way and its benefactors would not reap the benefits of its continued success as a dominant nonprofit organization.
Innovation is important for an organization to succeed in its endeavor. For a non-profit organization like United Way, innovation is significant in order to find more ways to help and serve


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