Sab Miller

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Table of Contents {text:bookmark-start} INTRODUCTION: {text:bookmark-end} It is important for organizations operating and competing at global level to understand how it fits into the external environment that it operates in. The twenty first century has witnessed frequent fluctuations in these international environment in which businesses operate which in turn has encouraged these businesses to concentrate heavily on strategising the manner in which the company survives, grows, competes and achieves its goals. The top management of these organizations take decisions with an ultimate holistic goal of achieving a sustained competitive advantage and in order to achieve this they have been focussing on managing their internal …show more content…

From the SWOT analysis it can be concluded that the key focus of SABMiller is preserving and exploiting its main strength in form of a source of competitive advantage- SAB Miller’s expertise in developing markets. SABMiller’s overall corporate strategy does fit this factor into itself as it has clear emphasis on developing itself in new emerging markets. {text:bookmark-start} 2.1.1 Limitations: {text:bookmark-end} SWOT analysis is basically a list of factors that enable the managers to recognise the internal capabilities of the organization and also be aware of the changing external environment to tap up the opportunities and reducing affects of threats. However the drawback of this framework is one, a factor that maybe listed as strength can also be a source of weakness to the organization as seen in case of SABMiller where its premium brand acts as its source of strength and weakness (refer appendix 1), secondly this framework is not clearly defined in terms of what exactly is a strength or weakness of the organization and what exactly are the opportunities and threats to an organization which may result in managers tending to be very subjective when listing down the factors based on their perception of the organization. {text:bookmark-start} 2.2 PESTLE ANALYSIS:


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