Knowledge for Nursing Practice- a Narrative

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There she was sitting in her wheelchair getting wheeled off, her son guiding her as she passed by the ward and staff with a big smile on her face. With a final wave to the nurses and other staff, she was gone. Finally, she was going home. The nurses, her son and daughter have all waited for that moment. She was feeling better than before and could go back to her life outside the hospital. Joyce was not like this the first time I met her. She had been through a lot since she got here and she deserved that moment.
This woman with a head full of grey, thinning hair was in her own room with her petite frame curled up on her bed. She was quiet. When she was introduced to the student nurses who were caring for her, she replied with an
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In Joyce’s case, the student nurse firstly showed his presence by letting Joyce know that she was not alone and that he was there if she needed someone to talk to who had the same experience. In a way, it made Joyce feel “important” and not “just another patient” which was overwhelming to student nurse having only known her for a couple of days. But there is a difference between being there physically from being there as another human being. The student nurse was there and was willing to give his time to this petite, old lady he has only known for two days showing her that he understands what she feels and letting her know it is and will be okay. As Smith (2006) stated, each nurse has the capability to connect with each patient not just as nurse-patient but simply as human with another human, each sharing each other’s feeling and thoughts with no judgement but only support and understanding. The student nurse’s presence along with the registered nurses’ presence (RN) who gave their time in consoling Joyce made her grieving process lighter in a way because she had the support of people around her even though she was in the hospital with her family juggling their time with visiting her and also preparing the ceremony for Joyce’s husband. She even shared with the student


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