Internal and External Factors Wal-Mart

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Responding to Internal and External Factors; Wal-mart Analysis

Abstract; this report examines the ways in which Wal-mart responds to internal and external factors such as globalization, new technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics. Wal-Mart is a successful industry giant, so it stands to reason that they are proficient at responding to internal and internal factors and thriving . In this essay we explore Wal-Mart’s programs and initiatives and access if we could use their examples to learn from and grow as managers and business owners. There are various internal and external factors that affect the four functions of Management positively or negatively. Organizations need to pay close attention to these factors because it can
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Wal-Mart operates a centralized Energy Management System (EMS) which monitors and controls all heating, cooling, lighting and refrigeration systems continuously 24 hours seven days a week for all Wal-Mart locations including Sam’s Club from its Wal-Mart’s home office in Bentonville, Arkansas (Wal-Mart, 2009). The use of daylight harvesting technology by using skylights to harvest daylight and automatically dim electrical lightening within store locations, along with Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) used in refrigerated cases which produces more than 70 percent energy efficient operation than fluorescent case lighting (Wal-Mart, 2009), reduction of water consumption via sensor activated sinks and automated flushing in the restrooms. The Secondary Loop Refrigeration system was installed in the newer high-efficiency locations starting in 2008. “The technology uses a non-refrigerant based solution to cool refrigerator and freezer cases, resulting in a 90 percent reduction in refrigerant” (Wal-Mart, 2009).

Wal-Mart began installing innovated thin film solar technology to become a more energy efficient company by reducing the amount of non-renewable energy consumption and increasing their renewable energy consumption. The change will supply Wal-Marts locations with up to 30 percent of the locations energy use


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