Ideal Human Resources Department

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Ideal HR Department

1. Introduction The role of the human resources (HR) department can play a significant role in the success and achievements of an organization. The department, which has evolved from the personnel department where the main tasks were the functional management of hiring and firing, to one which can have a significant impact on the organization as a whole, including culture, strategy development and motivation. In the modern environment the HR department may be able to make the firm a "great place to work". Many firms that are acknowledged for their good employee cultures, such as Google and Gore &Associates, place a high level of reliance in the development and maintenance of the employment relationships,
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Sinclair (1993) argues that the management of corporate culture can be used to influence the way employee act and react in the workplace, furthermore it is also noted that if there is a desire to change the culture, it should emanate from the top down. If there is the potential for culture to have a positive influence it should be consistent and cohesive (Sinclair, 1993). Consistency requires the different actions and strategies all to be aligned with the states values, and should be seen as practiced. It has been argued that a positive culture may transform a "formal workplace into a beloved institution" (Mintzberg et al., 2011). Schein (1992) outlines the way culture is created and maintained, which indicates the areas of HR operations which will impact on culture. Culture starts with the selection process, ensuring they will fit in with the existing culture, and/or share the desires values or characteristics which are required. Socialization, which may include the communication and training during induction, will also be undertaken. There will be reinforcement behaviour, such as the use f newsletters, staff meetings and other tools that help to promote the views of management, along with cultural communications, where the values, beliefs and ethics


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