Employment Law - Adaaa

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Scenario Summary:
After viewing the Tutorial, completing the reading, and reviewing the Lecture notes in conjunction with the TCO, answer the following questions relating to ADA expanded by the ADAAA. If such a situation occurred in your workplace and you were the director of human resources:

You are Role/Assignment: 1. Would you deem Karina disabled under the ADAAA? If so, what reasonable accommodations would you offer to her?

Karina has a medical condition requiring her to take steroids and other medications. This condition led to Karina gaining weight and not able to wear two uniform items, the stockings and heels. These conditions affect her back, circulatory system, and endurance level. Additionally, according to her
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Current employees posing a direct threat to the health and/or safety to themselves or others will be placed on appropriate leave until a decision can be made regarding their employment situation. Individuals currently using illegal drugs will not receive coverage under the company ADA/ADAAA policy. The HR department is responsible for implementing this policy, including resolution of reasonable accommodation, safety/direct threat and undue hardship issues.

Additionally, during recruiting and hiring phases the organization should devote efforts to assess an individual’s qualifications and if they can provide reasonable accommodation. Review training manuals and employee handbooks concerning disabilities to ensure they comply with ADAAA regulations.

Under EEOC policy, employers may require employees to wear certain articles of clothing to protect themselves and coworkers (e.g., construction workers are required to wear certain headgear to prevent injury; health care workers wear gloves to prevent transmission of disease from or to patients). On other occasions, employers may impose dress codes to identify themselves more easily to customers or to portray a certain image (e.g., a store requires all sales associates to dress in black). This same policy may also prohibit employees from wearing certain items to promote a certain image (e.g., prohibitions on wearing jeans).

If the employee cannot meet the dress code due to disability, the


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