Midwest Education Case Study

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Midwest Company is a major supplier of educational materials, and the company is providing books, manuals, videos, software and hardware used in the field of technology. The company's main objective criteria is determined its focus is on cost reduction, quality enhancement and innovation. The headquarters is located in the Kansas City and the total number of staff employed is 416. In the Human Resource department there are four sections and they are 1) Staffing 2) Compensation & Benefits 3) Labor Management Relations 4) Training, Career Development & Performance Appraisal and also there can be found HR specialists in each of the three divisions around the country. The company is looking forward into investing a large sum of capital …show more content…

So the employees who were already employed by the departments needs to be given a induction program and training & development sessions and also the on the job training where they should be treated as pool of applicants because the job tasks which they have to undertake can be distinguished to the work which they already undertook, so it is essential to guide them to a proper recruitment process where they are suitable or not, and planning, recruitment & selection, training & development, performance appraisal, and induction and so on has to be identified and implement accurately.
HR policies and practices should be chosen to support the implementation of strategic business plans. In the context of the Four-task Model, HR policies and practices drive the actions required to fulfill the needs of the firm as specified by these plans and the strategic business issues and objectives associated with them. It is the linkage of HR policies and practices to the firm's strategic business objectives and plans that defines strategic human resource management and differentiates it from the older practice of personnel management (Schuler, R.S. and Jackson, S.E, 1999). The major categories of HR policies and practices include: HR Planning; Job Analysis; Job Description; Recruitment; Job Design; Job Rotation; Job Enlargement; Job Enrichment; Reward Systems; Appraisals / Performance Management; Training and Development;


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