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Project 9.4 The New CSR—Temporary Hire
A temporary, six-month CSR position has just been filled at Dallas Distribution Center. The new hire is Abhey Patel, a very nice and bright person, who everyone agrees works extremely hard. Abhey has recently established citizenship in America from his homeland, India. Realizing the need to write to customers using proper English and grammar, the other CSRs have been covering for Abhey, proofreading his letters and e-mail messages for him. He is currently enrolled in an ESL (English as a Second Language) night class, but he hasn’t mastered all the fine points yet.
Respond to these questions regarding Abhey’s situation:

•Review the exercise above - Decision Making at Work titled “Project 9.4: The
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A good supervisor places a high priority on coaching their representatives. Good coaching involves working with employees to establish suitable goals, action plans and time lines. The supervisor delegates but also provides ongoing guidance and support to the employee as they complete their action plans. Rarely can job goals be established without considering all other aspects of an employee's life, e.g., time available for training, career preferences, personal strengths and weaknesses, etc.
Usually the supervisor recognizes the organization and the employee's profession better than the employee. As a result, the supervisor is in an exceptional position to give ongoing advice to the employee about job and career. The employee can look to the supervisor as a model for direction and development. An effective mentor-mentee relationship necessitates the supervisor to accept the responsibility of mentorship. A worthy supervisor can be an invaluable addition to the career of an employee and to the organization itself.
Workplace communication isn't always easy. While it may be easy to recognize positive workplace communication, it's not always easy to demonstrate it on a day-to-day basis. Workplace communication can be difficult when explaining a problem to a supervisor or asking for help from a co-worker. Positive communication fosters strong


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