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1. What is PUE, and why is it an important place to start when considering how to reduce data center power consumption? What value of PUE should data center managers strive for?
- PUE is simply defined as “Power Usage Effectiveness”. It measures how efficiently data centers use energy. PUE is an important place to start because it makes Google to measure the change in usage effectiveness.
The ratio of PUE is total facility energy over IT equipment energy. A PUE of 1.00 would be best, but 1.09 was the lowest estimated value until 2011 as the video says. Data center managers are still striving for that.

PUE = IT Equipment Energy + Facility Overhead Energy / IT Equipment Energy

2. Describe the five
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I suggest these factors to retard or accelerate data center power consumption around the world. * Energy supply * Demand for server equipment technologies and computing power * Affects power consumption in data centers * Demand for broader network storage * Computer equipment-generated heat (possible overheating)

4. Where do you suspect that data center power consumption will be greatest: developing and emerging economies or already-developed economies. Why?
- Developing and emerging economies are relatively new to how to manage the power needed for data centers. Both Developing economies and already developed economies have a big difference in energy consumption based on geography. For example, a data center will consume more energy in Arizona than in Alaska. The reason is when you live in a developing city and have new technologies, ideas, and more resources will be used. Once businesses have settled, the population will increase. It brings out the consumption of energy will be high as well. Many businesses have developed since then, which has caused the energy consumption to increase dramatically. With the population increasing, businesses will start to expand and get bigger, which means the consumption of energy will be high as well. As for already developed economies, it won’t work because the consumption of energy will just stay close in numbers. Nowadays, almost everywhere you go, you will have free access


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