Five Minds for the Future

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Five Minds for the Future - Howard Gardner
Book Review

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About the Author: Howard Gardner is a renowned American Psychologist and writer who currently holds a position as an adjunct professor at Harvard University. Among numerous honors, Gardner had received a MacArthur Prize Fellowship and honorary degrees from twenty-nine colleges and universities, including institutions in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, South Korea and Spain. In 2005 and 2008, he was selected by Foreign Policy and Prospect magazines as one of the 100 most influential public intellectuals in
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Hence, the globe demands constant supply of creativity in order to thrive.
Bringing the social realm into the picture, Gardner develops the idea of a Respectful mind and its need of the hour. A respectful mind incorporates differences among groups, encouraging diversity and pluralism. A person who develops a respectful mind develops a tendency in him that acknowledges and accepts the distinctiveness of each human group. Dealing with stereotypes and prejudices is no big deal for the mind and the concept of civil society is deep rooted in every respectful mind. Being empathic towards those around, this mind helps you deal with the collectivist nature of a human and the conflicts that come under its baggage.
Lastly, Gardner talks about the Ethical mind that keeps ethical framework as a forerunner in the decision making process at the workplace and elsewhere. Recognizing the ethical relativity, this mind feature exhibits abidance of values and principles that shape up our character. With a variety of mirror tests and other variables, this mind enables a person to hear the voice of its conscience. With the constant motive of self-interest of every organization, the ethical mind protects an individual from becoming a slave to his materialistic instincts. Such mind also helps an individual deal with the daily work issues that pose the question of right and wrong on his table.
Gardner believes if our educational systems help our children develop all


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