Hr Management in Aviation Industry

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Human resource departments exist to help people and organizations reach their goals. To do this, they face many challenges arising from the demand of the employees, the organization and the society. The domestic and international environments are particularly turbulent because of the growing diversity of the workforce and the globalization of business.
The human resource department must contribute to the organization’s structure in ways that are both ethical and socially responsible.
Human resource activities contribute to an organization’s success in a variety of ways, ultimately they must support the company’s strategies.
The purpose of human resource management is to improve the productive contribution of people to the
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These effects have been successfully faced thanks to well studied managerial actions.
The efficient work of scheduling and planning made possible the optimal management of the offered capacity. This action made possible also the increasing of the filling capacity of aircraft. In 2011 Alitalia registered the best performance of load factor development within the main 10 carriers of the AEA.
For the period between 2012 and 2015 Alitalia studied a new strategic plan. The main purposes of this plan are a greater expansion of the international network, also thanks to the new territorial bases of Air One, an increasing of international destinations and a strengthening of the long haul fleet.
Alitalia has to face the carrier that in 2011 more than the others almost reached the same number of passengers transported from the Italian carrier, Ryanair. The Ireland low-cost carrier has transported 22 million of passenger in 2011 in Italy, just 3 million passengers less than Alitalia.
The target fixed for 2012 for both of the companies is 30 million passengers.
Alitalia Group intends to strengthen its position at both Milan Linate and Malpensa with a three-year development plan calling for a "dual-brand and customer hub model" at MXP, including a repositioning of Air One as a Smart Carrier offering low fares on short- and medium-haul routes while reinforcing the


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