Ceratopteris Fern Growth and Analysis

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Ceratopteris Fern Growth and Analysis: Observing Germination and Effects of Ammonium Nitrate Treatment

I: Abstract

Observing the effects of ammonium nitrate has on the germination days of C-Fern gametophytes by constructing an experiment with two spore-sown petri dishes, one control and one treatment – a normal nutrient-rich agar petri dish and an ammonium nitrate-containing petri dish respectively. The two petri dishes were each inoculated with three drops of spore suspension by a pipet, then spores were spread by a sterilized-bent paper clip to allow even distribution of spores. Gametophyte germination occurred approximately two weeks after inoculation for the control, and gametophyte germination occurred
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Performing the F-Test
Control [A]: [(14+21+14+14+14+14)2+(14+21+21+21+21+21)2]/(6)=3740.33
Y Term: [(142+212+142+142+142+142)+(142+212+212+212+212+212)]/1=3822
T Term: [(14+21+14+14+14+14+14+21+21+21+21+21)2]/12=210
|Source |Bracket Terms |SS |dF |MS |
|Between Groups[A] |[A]=3740.33 |3740.33-210=3530.33 |2-1=1 |3530.33/1=3530.33 |
|Within Group [S/A] |[Y]=3822 |3822-3740.33=81.67 |2*(6-1)=10 |81.67/10=8.167 |
|Total |[T]=210 | | |F value= |
| |