HSA 505 Assignment 1

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Over the past four decades, spending on healthcare in the United States grew more rapidly than the economy (Baker, Birnbaum, Geppert, Mishol, Moyneur, 2008, p. 541). Healthcare has nearly tripled its share of national income during this time (p. 543). All aspects of the nation's health system have been affected by this ongoing spending growth. Strategically marketing the development of products and services during this intense competition and uncertainty is vital for any healthcare organization to stay profitable and to ensure continued growth.
Justification of The Villages Regional Hospital Associate Life Cycle The Villages Regional Hospital (TVRH) is part of the Central Florida Health Alliance (CFHA) which has been
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An example of a tactical marketing initiative for TVRH could include television, radio, Internet, billboard, or health fair marketing. The content of the message would cover a specific area of the hospital. A billboard advertisement stating the wait time in the emergency room is an illustration of tactical marketing.
On the other hand an example of a strategic initiative would be the education to individuals and local communities in TVRH on living heart healthy. Strategic marketing initiatives are more advanced and mission orientated. They have the potential to have a greater impact on the marketing performance (Fortenberry, 2010, p. 217). TVRH’s mission is “To improve the health and quality of life of the individuals and communities we serve” (Central Florida Health Alliance, 2013). By using a strategic style marketing initiative the TVRH can ensure continued growth and profitability through access and utilization of services such as a wellness program, cardiac surgery, imagining, laboratory, cardiac rehab, cardiac stress test, and emergency room visits.
Importance of Technology in Providing Patients with Clear and Accessible Information Ideas about health and behaviors are shaped by the communication, information, and technology in which people interact with on a daily basis. Health communication and health information technology are central to healthcare, public health, and the way our society views health. These processes make up the context and the