BSBLED501A Develop a Workplace Learning Environment

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BSBLED501A Develop a Workplace Learning Environment – Task 1
Learning at Work Questionnaire Name Position What led you to your current position in this organisation? What tasks do you perform regularly in your role? How did you develop the skills required for your current position? (Mentoring/On the job training/Manuals etc) What resources to you rely on to complete these tasks? (Computers/Phones/Tools/People) Do you experience any recurring problems/issues when using these resources to complete your work? How effective do you feel your job training has been? What sort of training would enhance your skills required to carry out your job? How many years have you been in the workforce? Have you undertaken formal training in any areas
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It is the responsibility of the Production Coordinator to implement and monitor this new system.

BSBLED501A Develop a Workplace Learning Environment - Task 3
All new employees are paired with a mentor to assist with your integration into your new job. Your mentor is there to offer support, advice and guidance to you both at the beginning of your employment and throughout. Because your mentor has more than likely performed the very job you are in at one point or another, they can provide wonderful insight into what it takes to succeed in that role. All new employees take part in a Performance Development Review (PDR) 3 months into their employment. The PDR is used to gauge the new employee’s current skills and what if any additional skills are required in order for them to feel confident in their role and perform their job competently. During the PDR the employee will be asked to complete a ‘Learning at Work’ questionnaire (Refer Task 1)  The goals of this questionnaire are as follows 1. To recognise the employees current skills that have a direct benefit in their role 2. To recognise any additional skills the employee has that may be useful in other roles/areas of the business. 3. Provide the employee with an opportunity to flag areas or tasks of their current role that they have