Keys to Success for Effective Project Planning

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Keys to Success for Effective Project Planning

Business success can be accomplished many different ways. Generally the easiest and most cost effective way to accomplish change and success in an organization is via the bottom up approach. The reason for this is when an organization involves its workers in any change or improvements, the employees gain a sense of pride or a feeling of ownership. This reasoning stems from personal experiences and observations. In two thousand and three, Best Buy went through a type of change to stay in the “big box” market and make a profit where other companies like Circuit City failed. They facilitated a bottom up approach, and incorporated the employees company wide. This paper will take
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If everyone or most everyone is there at the beginning, some problems may be worked out in the planning phase. This would save time and resources in the long run. The plan design can evolve very rapidly in one meeting, and may turn out better than the “initial plan”. Another step which makes perfect sense, was written about by Debra Lavell and Russ Martinelli. Their article about “Program and Project Retrospectives: Achieving organizational buy-in”, hits on several points which would allow the project plan to be successful. They emphasize not creating a project for a problem and not for a solution to prevent a specific problem. In other words, if there is an issue that needs to be addressed then create a plan to solve that particular problem. Do not create a plan to solve that problem and potentially future issues. The reason behind this, is because change in an organization is slow and hard to come by. People like to not have problems and are more willing to do something about a particular problem. They do not however, want to change “just in case”. Designing a plan for a specific issue would make it easier to implement. This also makes it easier for the project manager to gain support from the top executives who may or may not have noticed a problem existed. The problem can be resolved with little or no interference from the top, while making the potential changes easier to adopt at the lowest levels. In conclusion, a successful project plan


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