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Commerce 2603
Summer, 2013

Assignment Case
Distribution Date: May 15. 2013

Jim Jones was a B.Comm student at Ivory Tower University in Halifax, and played hockey for the "Commerce A11-Stars” in the ITU inter-faculty league. Bob Black, of the ITU Law School, played for the "Law School Lumpers" in the same league.

One evening, Jim checked Bob heavily into the boards during a game. Bob retaliated, as he fell, by slashing Jim across the back of the neck with his hockey stick. The slash opened a two inch wound in the back of Jim's neck. Jim, in turn, dropped his stick and gloves and raised his fists, but the referees intervened and ended the exchange before any blows were thrown by either Jim or Bob. Shouting from the two
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In fact, Tim had been able to drive the Cadillac from Sean's home to his without motor oil, but the motor had seized on arrival in Tim's driveway. Sean had not driven the Cadillac at all after draining the old motor oil. "Fine” replied Sean, "I'll send him over to get it.”

On April 9, Jim returned to Sean' s home, asking

"Where's my car?” "It's over at Tim’s. You can pick it up there,” answered Sean.

"Okay, I will,” said Jim, and he left immediately.

When Jim arrived at Tim's apartment, Tim was not there, but he had left the keys with his roommate, who gave them to Jim. Meanwhile, Tim arrived at Sean's home, looking for his money. Sean gave it to him, and the two wondered aloud about what might be the problem with "Jim's Cadillac." Finding that the car would not start, Jim called a tow truck and had it towed to Joe's Service Centre. The mechanic there immediately determined that the motor was damaged beyond repair, due to a lack of motor oil, and advised Jim that a replacement motor would cost $5,000.

Jim immediately took a cab to Sean' s home, but arrived to find him gone. He returned later on the same day, finding Sean home. He asked where Sean had been earlier, and Sean replied

"At the bank, depositing your cheque.” "The deal


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