Yorktown Case Analysis

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Yorktown Technologies Case Analysis

Case Recap

Founded in 2001, Yorktown Technologies, Inc. is a company that specializes in the ornamental fish industry. The globalization of the ornamental fish industry happened over a half a century ago. Hundreds of freshwater and saltwater fish can be purchased as pets in virtually any industrialized nation in the world (Broy, 2011). Yorktown Technologies commercializes a genetically modified fish called GloFish, which appear to glow in the dark (Mueller, 2010). GloFish are zebrafish that have been genetically modified with fluorescent colors. They are the first genetically modified animals to become publicly available as pets
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Second, GloFish are animals that must be bred in order to multiply. GloFish can not be artificially produced by a machine. This creates a limited supply of GloFish that will be available for distribution. If there is a high demand for GloFish, then increasing the price may be a solution.

Third, there is insufficient data on longitudinal studies regarding environmental impact form GloFish. If studies show that GloFish are dangerous to ecosystems, then Yorktown Technologies may have to take legal action to protect itself. This may cost the company millions of dollars and negatively affect distribution and sales.

Fourth, the total number of pet stores is declining in the United States and annual veterinary visits are declining, too (Reid, 2011). Although the sales of pets and pet supplies have increased over the past year, there are a limited number of retail outlets where these products are available (Reid, 2011). The company should market to aquarium owners who shop at pet stores and enjoy brightly-colored fish.

Evaluation of Alternatives

Yorktown Technologies has three alternatives to evaluate, which are (1) procuring retail outlets to sell GloFish, (2) marketing and advertising GloFish through the internet, and (3) making GloFish available in international markets.

The advantage of distributing GloFish through retail outlets is that some retail stores specialize in pets


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