Human Rights and International Cooperation Development

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Professor: Lucía Ferreiro Prado. Phd on International Relations
Course Description
Human Rights and International Cooperation Development is a basic survey that will introduce you to a wide array of areas in the field of cooperation for development and, to a lesser extent, Human Rights.
The first part of the course is comprised of three sections devoted to International Cooperation for Development and will comprise most of this subject. The second section of the course will be centered on Human Rights. Although it also has three sections, they will be a minor part of the course.
Even though this course is taught in English, students should
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The University is a community of learning, whose effectiveness requires an environment of mutual trust and integrity.
Academic misconduct will not be tolerated. All work submitted for the course must be your own original creation. Notice that word-for-word transcription of someone else´s work is only one form of plagiarism. Students must also avoid co-opting the substance and structure of another person´s work. Sources of quotations, facts, and arguments must be explicitly cited in your work. If you are doubtful about something, ask me before and I will help you. Fraud can be prosecuted by a failing grade.
Examples of academic dishonesty would be copying from another student, copying from a book or class notes during a closed book exam, submitting materials authored by or editorially revised by another person but presented as the or student´s own work, copying a passage or text directly from a published source without adequately citing it, doing another student´s work, etc; and making unauthorized use of technological devices in the completion of assignments or exams.
By virtue of being enrolled in this course, the student is by definition familiar with and firmly grasps all policies described in this syllabus.

Topic 1: The international cooperation for development system
1.1 Introduction 1.2 Basic Concepts: Development Growth,


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