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The Role of an Individual in International Law
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The Role of an Individual in International Law At a glance, one may assume that individuals do not play a significant role in international law. International law may seem too broad to encompass individuals in any society. This is because that international law has no jurisdiction. It applies regardless of the local jurisdiction sometimes even overriding local legislation. Courts may use international law to pass judgement on tricky cases. However, individuals play a significant role in international law. International law focuses mainly on the individual. It ensures that individuals get justice mostly in situations when the national legislation
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National law and international may correctly answer this question. According to the national law, sovereign states have norms that ensure that they act in a humane manner. Thus, national law hypothesises that all national laws of a country act for the good interest of citizens of the country. Therefore, legal positivism states that law alone could provide all answers to legal problems that exist in the country.[4] However, this is not true. Not all laws of a country benefit all citizens of the country. There are laws that oppress most citizens of a sovereign state while benefiting only a few, who in most cases are the elite of the society. National and international laws do not fully answer the question of what is the real source of human rights. This is because there are various sources of human rights. There are also secular and religious sources of human rights. Therefore, it would be vague to consider only one source as being the main contributor of human rights. This is because there is an intricate linkage between the concept of human rights and other questions that go beyond the scope of law and, therefore, legal vocabulary may not answer the question correctly. There is a close association between human rights and issues of identity and autonomy, therefore, linking them to the sociology, philosophy, political science and faith. However, the source


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