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What international events influenced the development of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainability? List the key developments and events in a short 1-page point-form account providing the relevant names of events and dates/ years in which they took place

1) The 1972 United Nations Conference on Human Environment – Stockholm
It led directly to the establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which became the first UN agency to have its headquarters located outside of Europe and North America – in Nairobi in Kenya, East Africa.
Among the first tasks given to the UNEP was to establish term ‘environmental education’.
Together with Unesco, UNEP organised the first International Workshop
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Environmental education must facilitate equal partnerships in the processes decision making at all levels and stages
Environmental education should empower all peoples and promote opportunity for grassroots democratic change and participation.
Environmental education values all different forms of knowledge. Knowledge is diverse, cumulative and socially produced and should not be patented or monopolised
Environmental education must be designed to enable people to handle conflicts in just and humane ways
Environmental education must stimulate dialogue and cooperation among individuals and institutions in order to create new lifestyles which are based on meeting everyone’s basic needs, regardless of ethnic gender, age, religious, class, physical or mental differences
Environmental education requires a democratisation of the mass media and its commitment to the interest of all sectors of society.
Environmental education must integrate knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and actions
Education must help develop and ethical awareness of all forms of life with humans share this planet, respect all life cycles, and impose limits on human’s exploitation of other forms of life.

The IUCN defines environmental education as follows:
Environmental education is a process during which values are discovered and concepts are explained in order to develop skills and attitudes pertaining to an appreciation of the relationship between man, his culture and