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Management HR and the practice of Management
1. Evaluate the strategic choices that Qantas has from both a theoretical and practical perspective, and examine how these choices affect human resource planning.
2. If you were in a position to advise Alan Joyce, what would you recommend he does to maintain the commitment to employees and implement HR Planning? Explain your recommendations.

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Qantas Airline was set up in Queensland, Australia in 1920 by two veterans. Superb reputation has made Qantas become the symbol of reliability, security, advanced technology and high quality customer
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Nowadys , Qantas has set up operation base in Dubai, and discusses with Emirates about technological coordination and interest allocation. Meanwhile, Qantas attaches more and more attention to Asia market, and makes every effort to strengthen its relations with Asia. As its competitors like Singapore Airline and Malaysia Airline increase the capacities of Australian routes, Qantas adopts the pricing strategy to earn more market share. In addition, Qantas is keep reducing its operation cost. For example, Qantas froze the basic wage increase of middle and high level managers, but used good salary to attract talents.

Human Resource Planning
Human resource planning is very essential for survival of the business. It is a process in which the HR department takes stock of its current scenario and prepares for the future. This is all with respect to the most vital resource of an organization--its employee. The HR department sees whether all departments in the organization are an appropriate size or not and also prepares for future job openings and vacancies.
Qantas airways refused to rule out job cuts to help propel its international operations toward profitability amid a rise in passenger numbers from the grounding of Tiger Airways. The strategic overhaul will focus on future investment, cost cutting, the airline’s partnerships and its future in fast- growing Asia. Qantas’ current round of wage negotiations with several unions had resulted in


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