How to Read Literature Like a Professor Outline

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How To Read Literature Like a Professor Outline

Chapter 1 – Every Trip Is a Quest (Except When It’s Not)
Main Ideas:

To have a quest, a novel must have
A knight
A dangerous path
A holy grail
An evil knight
A dragon
A princess
The quest is always educational and provides knowledge of ones self

Chapter 2 – Nice To Eat With You: Acts of Communion
Main Ideas:

It is a communion “Whenever people eat or drink together...”
Breaking bread together is an act of sharing and peace
There has to be a compelling reason to include a meal scene in the story because they’re typically boring.
When we eat, we tend to want to do it with people we are comfortable with.
Usually sharing a meal is a common factor that all living
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Specific injury causes characters to visit on one another and the narrative violence that cause characters harm.
Death and suffering that is of purpose to the plot or thematic development.
Death by consumption fall into the same category as stabbing
Hard to generalize

Chapter 12 – Is That a Symbol?
Main Ideas:

When you think it’s a symbol. It usually is
Symbols have multiple meanings
Things stand for something else, typically
They do this in order to convey a certain message
Ambiguity or a lack or clarity regarding that one message corresponding between emblem (figurative construct) and what it means (If so, it fails).
Symbols: Use questions, experience, and preexisting knowledge to understand symbols.
Determine how the reader engage in the text, experience, history, previous readings, educational attainment, gender, race, class, faith, social involvement and philosophical inclination.
Authority through experience and background
Action can be symbolic
Breaking down symbols

Chapter 13 - It’s all Political
Main Ideas:

Helping the poor or increasing the production in food (to feed more people) will encourage the impoverished and people will procreate more to take advantage in food production.
Inspired A Christmas Carol by Dickens
Dickens chose Scrooge to show society, that there is a Scrooge in everyone.


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