A.P.U.S.H unit 6 study guide

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Unit 6 Ch. 16-18 (Total Questions 79)
Compare and contrast the Pacific Coast Indians with the Pueblos of the Southwest.

The most important of all to the Northwest coast Indian peoples was the Raven. The Pueblo peoples lived in compact, permanent villages and resided in multifamily buildings. The women of a household cared for young children; cultivated spring-irrigated gardens.

What traits did the Plains tribes share, and what was the economic basis of the way of life for most Plains tribes?

One of the most important traits shared by all Plains tribes was the fact that they all hunted bison or buffalo. This was also the economic basis of their way of life since hunting provided them with food and
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How influential, according to the "Debating the Past" selection, was his thesis? How did the "new western historians" and others challenge the Turner view?

That there is a possibility of a new start or a new life. That the new life was important. They didn’t see the romantic part of the west just the new opportunities.

Describe the concept of Indian sovereignty and how it gave way to the "concentration" policy. What additional element did the Indian Peace Commission add to the policy?

On July 20, 1867, Congress established the Indian Peace Commission to negotiate peace with Plains Indian tribes who were warring with the U.S. Tribal sovereignty in the U.S. is the authority of tribes to govern themselves, on reservations.

What happened to the great buffalo herds? How was the life of the Plains Indians affected? They started to go extinct due to over hunting also with the whites hunting the same time that the Indians were. It made life for the Indians super hard because they used the buffalo for everything.

Describe the general pattern of Indian wars from the 1850s to the 1880s. Why were the Indians unable to build on their victory at the Battle of Little Bighorn?

Due to the use of reservations for Native Americans during the period of 1850-1880 any uprisings were localized. Plus with each attempt more land was taken from them as a punishment to this behavior.