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Introduction to Communication Theory:
Course Summary

Chapter 1: Launching your study

What is a theory? What distinguishes a good theory from a bad theory?

A theory is a set of systematic informed hunches about the way things work. A good theory goes beyond accepted wisdom and offers explanations and speculations about phenomena. Additionally, a good theory consists of a system of concepts which means that the theorist were able to make connections among his ideas. A theory tends to shape our perception of reality and behaviour and guides us through unknown areas.

Images of theory: 1.) Theories as nets: Theories try to explain phenomena. 2.) Theories as lenses: our perception is shaped by the way we want to see things. Thus, we
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If the dramatic imagery people use grows when they talk to each other, the extent to which they feel unity and solidarity increases, too. So, symbolic convergence ties the group together and forms a sense of community.
For example, if students talk about common experiences, such as a professor they had in class, a rhetorical fantasy chain might chain out about him and brings the teacher into dramatic life acting in a classroom scene, often in humorous ways. For instance, if she brings sweets to class, she might be called “The Candy Lady”.
The theory fills in information missing from the basic communication model because it explains how a good relationship and sense of community can be achieved within a group. It explains how to attain a successful interpersonal communication within a group.

What makes an objective theory of communication a good objective theory of communication?

An objective theory needs to fulfil five standards in order to be a good objective theory of communication: First of all, the theory explains the data by describing why something happens and what the results are. It is able to predict future events and the explanation has to be relatively simply, e.g. if you have two version, take the easiest one. Furthermore, the hypothesis must be testable and disprovable if something is incorrect. Finally, the theory has to be useful and helps people to control their lives better as well as provides advice for difficult


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