Religion 111 Syllabus

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2012-2013 Academic Year

Course: Religion 111: Introduction to the Old Testament
Department Chair:
Division Chair:
Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences:
Credit Hours: 3sh
Course Expectations: Outside of class- 20 hours per week

REL 111 Introduction to the Old Testament:
This course is an examination of the writings of the Old Testament, using an historical and interpretive approach to these writings. GER REL and Humanities

Student Learning Outcomes
Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
Means of Assessment
This outcome will be indicated by successful:
--Trace the chronology of Israel’s history
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Your assignment will be graded for each section listed in this syllabus.

You must use sources that are on this approved list. Please do not email me requesting to use sources not listed in each of the following sections. The sources listed represent the highest levels of scholarship and as such you will need to use one approved source from each section. Finding them will require visiting a college or university library. “I live hours from a college or university library” only means you will have to plan ahead so you can travel to one.

You will need to plan, over the next 5 weeks, to go to a college or university library to find these sources. The MOC library has plenty of these sources on the shelf and they are ready to be used. Any other college- or university-level library will have some of them as well. If the college is religiously affiliated, the better chance you will have finding an increased number of approved sources. Public libraries are not the same as college- or university-level libraries. You do not need to buy these sources, which are often expensive, since you can find them in college libraries. Please note that many of these resources are reference works, and are not available for use outside the library. In other words, you cannot check out many of them.

A. Scholarly Journals – Go to NCLive and access one full-text article from one of the religion journals listed below. Do not use a book review for your article. If


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