Health and Safety Culture

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Total Ownership

A Strategy to Improve
Health and Safety

Developing a positive Health and Safety Culture

Written by Dave Atkinson


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Page: 2 1: Executive Summary
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Page: 9 3: Assessment of existing culture 3a: Report of Indicators 3b: Report of methodology and conduct of survey 3c: Report of findings with interpretation 3d: Conclusion
Page: 35 4: Strategy for Improving the Health and Safety Culture 4a: Aims and objectives 4b: Priorities for action 4c: Resources and constraints 4d: Implementation plan 4e:
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The objective is to put in place a forward planning strategy not just on the Safety issues but all the Health issues that are holding back progression towards achieving the business Health and Safety objective of “total ownership”, that is to say that each and every employee fully understands their role and responsibility in safeguarding their Health and Safety and that of their fellow workers.

With this in place we will have a leading edge over our main competitors when tendering for business.

The assessment will focus on the following indicators: -

(a) The importance of leadership and the commitment of senior management
Senior management leadership and commitment is indicated by the proportion of time, money and people allocated to the management of Health and Safety and can be assessed by the level of importance in business management against other Key Performance Indicators.

(b) The expectations of line management and their commitment to achieving the organisations Health and Safety objectives within the agreed target timescale.
This is where traditionally Health and Safety management often seems to break down. It is important to maintain a two way process of information and commitment running through the organisation. If line management (supervisors and team leaders) fail to pass either up or down the correct message, then the chain is broken and neither senior management nor


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