Hong Kong Disneyland

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Hong Kong Disneyland – Case Discussion
MSBC650 – Integrated Marketing Communication

Hong Kong Disneyland

Outline of Discussion Plan I. Overview a. Hong Kong 1997 – 1999 b. Disneyland i. America ii. France iii. Japan c. Disneyland in Hong Kong II. SWOT Analysis a. Strengths i. Appeal to Chinese culture ii. Communications conducted in three different languages b. Weaknesses i. Crowd control problem ii. Replaced chief in less than five months after opening iii. Poor working conditions c. Opportunities i. Growing population of youth and growth of
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SWOT Analysis

• Appeal to the Chinese Culture.

o Feng Shui Master Consultants.

o Entrance placement for good karma.

• Communications conducted in 3 languages.

• Integrating local customs and practices.

o Development of basic elements (gold, water, earth, and fire) managed throughout theme park.

o Play with the number 8 a symbol of prosperity.

▪ Ballroom of the Disney resort measured 888 square meters.

• Disney promoted as a recognized leader in training, leadership development, benchmarking and cultural change for business across the globe.

• Japanese-speaking Mickey and Minnie.

• Hong Kong government and Disney on a shared venture.

• Hong Kong economy on a rebound.

• Creation of jobs on a rise.

• Individual Visit Scheme emplaced by the Chinese government.

• Increasing visitors to the area.

• Having Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disneyland’s Hollywood Hotel with retail, dining and entertainment facilities will boost revenue.

• Sold out on public holidays 29-31 January.

• Disney promoted safety and quality of guest experience inside the Park.

• The offer of a refund for visitors that could not return on another day from purchases of the flexible ticket sales.

• Foundation of beliefs and values from Walter Disney.


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