Conflict Resolution

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Many people lead busy and challenging lives, so they encounter conflict on a daily and sometimes hourly basis at home or at work. As for the people who become involved in conflict, they rarely have any or little understanding about the sources of conflict or how to manage it when it occurs. The whole other level that many people fail to understand is how often nurses encounter conflict and how difficult it can be to find a resolution. Between dealing with patients and their family, nurses also have to be on the same page as the doctors, other nurses, as well as people from other departments in the hospital. Nurses in particular encounter conflict and usually have no understanding of how to resolve it, which is a major problem health …show more content…

If you cannot assume the positive, then you must validate the situation. You should confirm your negative views about the other person by talking directly to them. Being honest is a big step many people tend to forget about in resolving conflict. Only if you still cannot assume nor validate than you must ignore and let the situation go. We all get ourselves into battles that we engage in, but there are many times when avoidance of the situation is an even more acceptable option. However, if you cannot achieve assuming, validating, or ignoring, the next and last option is to do. By doing, you let the stress of the unresolved issues go so that the issues do not build up and ultimately become detrimental to your health or anyone around you. Conflict is sometimes related to the air we breathe. We are constantly surrounded by it, even though we may not be a physically or emotionally involved. Our behavior towards others as well as towards ourselves greatly affects everything around us. As a nurse you will encounter conflict as well as create it, because it is inevitable. You can take measures to prevent conflict, but it is physically impossible to free yourself from all conflict. So the best step to take is to educate yourself as well as others about it, and understand it better by taking new and different approaches to situations that you would not normally take. Deal with problems as they arise and take every measure to


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