Working with and Leading People

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Introduction 3
Background of the Company 3
Task 1. Recruitment, Selection and Retention Procedures 4
Task 2. Build winning teams 5
Task 3. Styles and Impact of leadership 9
Task 4. Performance monitoring and assessment 11
Conclusion and Recommendation 13
References and Bibliography 14


This report is theoretically informed by several related literatures that form a compelling interdisciplinary intersection: aspects of human resource management, business law and ethics, working with and leading people. The aim is to achieve certain understanding in recruitment and selection processes, legal and ethical issues, building successful teams, styles and impact of leadership, performance monitoring
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However the real attraction is the chance of a career rather than just a job. Most employees start out as manager assistant, front of house staff or back of house staff with the potential to progress to General Manager or more. Employees also have opportunities to specialise in specific areas such as finance, HR, marketing, accounts department and Logistics department. This allows individuals to develop their career path as they progress within the company. Yo! Sushi advertise its vacancies and opportunities across wide range of media. Such as: newspapers, magazines, and mainly on-line. Company’s online recruitment process is vital for the company. It gives the company efficiency, makes the application fast for both parties. The website provides the candidate with the registration details and lists available jobs. Selection process. Basically selection is the process of identifying the best fit or candidate for the role/position. This is very important because the candidate may not have always the right set of skills and competencies which is required by the company. Company’s interest is to find the right people with certain knowledge to make sure that it contributes for the long run. HR managers usually use certain documentation in order to match job roles with personal qualities and skills. Legal Matters. The modern employment environment, both local and international is regulated


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