Tanglewood Case 1

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Tanglewood Case One
Rebecca Cassady

With reference to Exhibit 1.7 in the textbook, I think that of the staffing quantity and staffing quality strategies listed; that developing talent, internal hiring, and exceptional workforce quality are the fundamental strategies to implement. By utilizing these differentiation strategies, Tanglewood would continue its strong culture. Tanglewood must differentiate themselves from their competition; companies like Target and Kohl’s. Tangelwood can accomplish this by having the best staff that delivers a positive experience their customers, thus, making their store standout from their competitors. These strategies will help maintain a positive work atmosphere and build a strong relationship among
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I would not encourage Tanglewood to outsource consultants, they would be lacking in the experience of that region. On the other hand, there are several advantages for outsource hiring such as offering fresh ideas, new plans, new techniques and opinions while improve upon current circumstances.

National or Global:

Tanglewood is a well know retail store with locations all over the regions and overseas. Each region enjoys its own culture and values, which distinguishes them from others retail stores. The pattern and process of Tanglewood has to be similar yet each the internal department methods will operate depending on their regions culture. Located on page 12 of the Tanglewood case book states that; “If you tell someone exactly what to do, you are only getting half an employee. If you give someone the space to make their own decisions, you are getting a whole person.”

I would encourage this philosophy be enforced among all regional locations. Tanglewood like other retail stores offers the same tools, clothing, equipment, electronics and much more. These retailers have to be engaged in both overseas out sourcing and off shoring by hiring high performance and talented, sufficient employees to deal with this globally and locally that will help Tanglewood reach and exceed competitive levels among others.

Attract or Locate:

The main idea of the organization


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