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This paper will conduct a community assessment of Marion County, Indiana. Marion County is located in the heart of Indianapolis, which is the capital of the state of Indiana. Marion County was created April 1, 1822 and was formed from Delaware New Purchase. It was named after General Frances Marion from South Carolina in the Revolutionary War period. This assessment will address the health needs and risks of Marion County through the use of the WGU assessment forms identifying the population’s economic status, neighborhood and community safety inventory, cultural assessment, and the disaster assessment and planning guide.

Marion County Indiana

Population Economic Status Assessment
Marion County, Indiana had a
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However, there are no current standards or requirements in Indiana or Marion County for existing or new homes to be radon tested. Testing is highly encouraged by the EPA, but not mandated by the state. In order to improve the safety and quality of new and existing homes in Marion County, the state needs to adopt construction standards and techniques that minimize elevated indoor air levels in new homes can reduce radon exposure and similar soil venting methods can be installed in existing homes. The quality of Marion County’s drinking water is generally at or exceeds safe drinking water limits. However, due to combined sewer overflow outfalls from both sanitary sewage and storm water runoff, only ¼ inch of rain can cause the overflows to run into open channels and streams, exposing surface waters to pollution and biological pathogens along with toxic chemicals. (Indianapolis, 2010). This sewer system is a product of a single pipeline system that was built in Indianapolis over a century ago. Marion County is in the process of remediating the local Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) outfalls to be in compliance with human health and environmental standards set by the Clean Water Act. The Clean Water Act requires surface water quality to be high enough to support fish and wildlife populations, protect drinking water sources, and allow for human recreation. Blood lead levels in Marion County is a significant threat to the physical


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