Mining Safety Report

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Introduction to Report:

This project was researched through a variety of means that includes literary articles, books, company reports and websites.
Much of the information was sourced from Australian news websites and databases.
For the projection of financial costs, the annual reports of mining companies were used as a reference point. For instance, the $1,000 cost per employee per year was a round number that was taken after looking at companies such as BHP Biliton and Rio Tinto.
Besides this, research into risk assessment theories and text books led to the development of the risk assessment model for this report.
Interviews with friend’s parents that were
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He is to report and update the COO on safety issues in the organization and heed the advice of the COO in matters that he is unsure off.
The safety superintendent will also be tasked with managing and tracking the safety performance of the firm and developing appropriate safety policies, standards, system and materials that will help the organization to realize its vision and maintain its obligatory duty of care.
The safety superintendent will be required to possess a certification from the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals (ISMSP) as a prerequisite for the job.
Safety Specialists
In this new framework, the COO will be obliged to first hire the superintendent. Following which, both individuals would be asked to fill up vacant position in the area of safety specialists. 4 safety specialists would be required and these positions could be filled up using an internal transfer to reduce any HR hiring costs or through external means involving new staff.
As safety positions are often filled up by more mature workers taking into account their wealth of experience in seeing and dealing with various scenarios, UG Coal Mining can fill up its safety specialist’s position by offering these vacancies to retiring staff as part of its employee retention program. This way, the firm does not have to endure the lengthy process in finding new staff and can use


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