role of negotiation in cost reduction in manufacturing firms in kenya. a case study of kisii bottlers limited

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This chapter discusses the background to the study, statement of the problem, the objectives, and research question, significance of the study, scope and limitations.

1.1 Background to the study

A negotiation is an interactive communication process that takes place whenever we want something from someone else or another person wants something from us. Most of us negotiate with one another frequently. Once we realize this, theoretically, we have two choices; first, to accept the fact that negotiation is a way of life in our culture and improve our skills so that we can negotiate with confidence and secondly, to do nothing about it. Some may argue that negotiation is an art, that it is
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i) Kisii Bottlers Management

The company management will benefit from the findings and recommendations of the study to get more information on the best negotiation approach to be used in cost reduction. The new ideas generated in the field of purchasing and cost reduction will help in establishing a competitive advantage for sustainable production thus resuscitating the economic status of our country.

ii) The policy Makers
The study is also of great importance to the policy makers in the ministry of industrializations, the board of directors and other stakeholders who are directly or indirectly concerned with the Bottlers industry in Kenya. The policy suggestions put forward by the study will go along way in building Kenya as a newly industrialized nation towards vision 2030.

iii) Employees
The employees of Kisii Bottlers will get an opportunity to contribute effectively on the issues affecting negotiation approaches and give their own recommendations concerning how approaches in negotiation plan should be handled, thus contributing to their own future in the company.

iv) Other Scholars

The study will also provide data as well as information necessary for other scholars who intends to do further research study on the same or other related field. The study also will give the researcher an opportunity to put into practice the skills that have been learned in class.

1.6 Limitations of the study
The study however is