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Faculty of Accountancy, Finance & BusinessBachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing
BBDT3063 Integrated Marketing Communications
Year 3 SEM 1
Individual Assignment
Title: Proton Iriz (Commercial Advertisement)
Tiger D’Sara (Print Advertisement)
Name : ONG WEI KEAT 13WBR12285
Tutorial Group : RMK Group 6
Tutor’s Name: Mr Lim Chin Hock
Date of Submission : 31 October 2014

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Why we target age only until 50 is because Proton Iriz provides modern technology such as touch screen and button-press to start engine. Some of the old generations maybe don’t have idea how to use the function. So the target basically is on new generation.
4.2 Secondary Audience
From the advertisement, the secondary audience is white collar worker. They are normally office employee and just have the ability to afford and have Proton Iriz. The people who younger than white collar worker which are still students don’t hv the ability to afford, somehow the upper standard level will rather to choose other brands of automobile such as BMW, Mercedes. So the white collar worker is the most suitable target for the company.
5.0 Segmentation
5.1 Demographic
Depends on the income of target audience is around on RM1500 above, the price of Proton Iriz is affordable and acceptable for middle standard living. The target audience basically is white collar worker and age is around 20-40.
5.2 Psychographic
The audiences are more concern on functional and lifestyle. They are looking for high class level and better quality of life but not so expensive. They want to increase the level of their current living. Or some of the customer is chasing for brandy, they want the car is branded and everybody is using it so they think the brand is a good brand. That’s why the video purposely arrange all the customers have the cars at the same time and how they enjoy.
5.3 Behavioral