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Bheemuck Chuvinee Neha & Emile Natacha Sandrine

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It is located at Beau Champ, just near Four Seasons. The hotel consists of 70 spacious, luxury suites and 28 villas.
As Housekeeping department and front office department are the factors that are going to be analyzed, below is a brief definition of the roles and responsibilities of the different department.
The Sands is a modern resort hotel found 5 kilometers from Flic en Flac. 92 guestrooms are available. It is one of the best 4-stars hotels found in Mauritius. Housekeeping Department
As per Learnhub (2012), Housekeeping has an important role in a hotel. It deals with cleanliness and other service attached to it. It is important because a guest pays a lot of money and it is important that the guest enjoyed his holidays in a clean environment.
The housekeeping department includes services such as ; laundry, dry leaning facilities for guest clothes, shoe polishing facilities also. The main aim of this department is to make the guest feel comfortable and provide a personalize service for its guests.
Front Office Department

As per CTH (2010), the front office department is divided into different segments which consist of reception, concierge, PABX, reservation, and sometimes depending of the hotel, marketing is also considered into the front office department.
The front office department is a department where there is continuous interaction with guest. For example, upon arrival, the receptionist is the one who is


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