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Que: 1:- Outline and assess TWO communication theories/models, which would help meet the communication requirements at the Government Disability Workshop.

Ans: - Communication theories are best way to know human behavior. In other words communication theories explains systematic way about the nature of the communication process, certainly, And theories can do more better than summarize. Other functions of theories are to focus attention on particular concepts, clarify observations, predict communication behavior, and generate personal and social change .Amongst the various theories of communication, diffusion and agenda setting theory would help meet the communication requirements at the GDW. The diffusion of innovations, also called
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a-Briefly explain what is meant by “assertive communication.” B-Critically analyze the Government Disability Workshop’s staff assertive responses using The “Four Fs” – facts, feelings, focus on action, & feedback. (LO 2) (8 Marks)

Ans 4a:- Assertive communication is the straight forward & open expression of your needs, desire thoughts & feelings it involves advocating for your own needs while still considering & respecting the need of others.
For example: It involves the use of “I” statements, such as “I need some help preparing dinner for our guests this evening.”

Assertive vs. passive behaviour
If your style is passive, you may seem to be shy or overly easy going. You may routinely say things such as, "I'll just go with whatever the group decides." You tend to avoid conflict. Why is that a problem? Because the message you're sending is that your thoughts and feelings aren't as important as those of other people. In essence, when you're


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