Grief Research Paper

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Byron Colbert
Kevin Salcido

Elisabeth Kubler Ross was a psychiatrist and revolutionizes how people view death and dying. She would listen to dying patients a give them a public form. She came up with five stages of grief. They stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These stages are used universally.

In the first stage that I will discuss is denial. In this stage people may deny the reality of the situation by blocking out the words and hiding from the facts ("5 Stages of Loss & Grief | Psych Central," n.d.-a). For instance, someone could be diagnosed with some form of cancer. That person may not want to know because it might overwhelm them. So they would not want to know the reality of
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xx-b) In the western culture individuals can go through 5 stages of grief in divorced. In the first stage denial the person can be in denial. They can believe that the marriage can be salvaged or it might be a temporary setback. With the anger stage the person could be angry with himself or herself for the divorce or angry with someone else that they thought interfered with their marriage. In the bargaining stage the person may turn to GOD to put their marriage together and they will follow him. The fourth stage that is used in a divorce is depression. When it has sunk in that the divorce will be inevitable you can become depressed and do not care what is going on with your life at the moment. And the final stage is acceptance. Even though you are divorced and feeling pain you will try to move on with your life. You may hang out with family or do something that you wanted to do but could not. .

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