Fayol Principle Applied in Burger King

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DIVISION OF LABOUR: http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRi0ujKPfourrnoYmeOYAMvBlxgTj0gnMy4V5uwiuTFAXHbYybB APPLY: I have chosen "burger king" restraunt as my project. It "taste better with the king" is the tag line of burger king. Burger king is a restraunt based on a very nice concept of division of labour. It has a labour chart according to which positions are assigned to each and every employee according to their capabilities. Those workers who are good at customer service are assigned as front staff and those who are good in making burgers and preparation are assigned in kitchen, fry station and broiler station.. This helps to enhance their skills at particular work.

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Selfishness , laziness, carelessness was always a main issue in burger king. Burger king has given lot of benefits to their employees like 70% off on their meal , free drinks, paid leave etc so that they can feel more associated with the organisation. But employees should also have some faith in their organisation and work for organisational benefits .

FAIR REMUNERATION TO EMPLOYEES:This principle of henry fayol says that there must be a fair wage rate system in an organisation each and every employee whether its ex-employees should get equal wages.

APPLY: Burger king provides equal pay rates to their employees which is standard pay rate according to IRD and burger king also gives annual leaves to their employees, ACC and other medical benefits as well. Fair remuneration creates a fair environment in the organisation among staff.

SCALAR CHAIN: scalar chain is a chain which is designed by henry fayol for the proper communication in an organisation. The information flows from lower level to top level. Like from workers to managers and from managers to general manger. This is a better way of communication.

APPLY: Information in burger king also follows scalar chain.. The employees can’t directly talk to the head office. First they have to communicate with the assistant restraunt manager n than manager, restraunt manager, area manager like this the scalar chain goes on. If any employees have any grievances or any other issue he can directly go to the shift