Cleopatra and Empress Wu

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Comparative Essay: Cleopatra and Empress Wu Zetian
Silke Karla Vinyard
Strayer University
Professor Mayhall
HUM111346SC034-1164-001 (World Cultures 1)
May 24, 2016

Cleopatra and Empress Wu Zetian

Cleopatra and Empress Wu Zetian were two very powerful women of their time. Cleopatra, Last Pharaoh of Egypt. As queen of Egypt, Cleopatra is one of the most famous female rulers in history. Cleopatra’s family ruled Eygpt for more than 100 years before she was born around 69 BC.
Empress Wu Zetian of Tang Dynasty. She was one of the concubines of Emperor Taizong; she was the empress of Emperor Gaozong; she was the mother of Emperor Zhongzong and Emperor Ruizong; she was once a nun in the temple. But her most glorious title was that
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In the end Cleopatra let love destroy her. Empress Wu has had a pretty bad press. For centuries she was excoriated by Chinese historians as an offender against a way of life. She was painted as a usurper who was both physical cruel erotically wanton; she first came to prominence, it was hinted because she was willing to gratify certain of the Taizong emperor’s more unusual sexual appetites. “With a heart like a serpent and a nature like that of a wolf,” one contemporary summed up, “she favored evil sycophants and destroyed good and loyal officials.” A small sampling of the empress’s other crimes followed: She killed her sister, butchered her elder brothers, murdered the ruler, poisoned her mother. She is hated by gods and men alike.”

Cleopatra and Empress Wu Zetian
Cleopatra and Empress Wu were two very strong minded women that had one thing in common, and that was to rule their countries. Cleopatra was born into royalty so in a sense it was easier for her to gain the power she wanted, whereas Empress Wu had to work her way up as a mere consort, or concubine, to the Chine Emperor during the Tang Dynasty in the seventh century she was also a lot more ruthless than