Concept Analysis

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Concept Analysis: Pain
Victoria McCrady
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR501: Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing
Spring Session B 2013

Concept Analysis: Pain Pain is one of the most common reason patient seek out help. The concept of pain can affect every person is some form or way. Pain can stand alone as a theory or fix with other theories like Comfort, Self- care, and more. As a surgical nurse I need to have a higher understanding of the patients I care for to ensure they receive the best care. Concept analysis is a form of research that allows a person to explore a theory/ concept to the fullest degree in an organized way. This concept analysis will take Walker & Avant’s steps to form a better understanding into pain.
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In the second attribute, an unpleasant and distressful experience from a physical sensation and having both positive and negative meaning to the individual, can relate to postoperative patients. Turn, cough and deep breathe causes both positive and negative pain to the patient. Post-surgical patients have positive pain when they are decrease postoperative complications like PE and pneumonia by turn, cough, and deep breathing. The negative side is that the patients increase their surgical pain may adding pressure to it (Al-Jurf, 1979).
Model Cases Model cases need to include all for the attribute listed in the analysis of pain. An example could be a 35 years old women admitted with a bowel obstruction followed by a laparoscopic colon resection with ostomy placement. Patients reported no history of surgeries, no bowel history, no chronic pain, and no home medications. Patient follows no special diet. When admitted to the surgical unit she was sad, scared, and in increase pain. Physically the patient presented with tears in eyes, high blood pressure of 167/99, holding abdomen, and would not look at the nurse. As the nurse, I gave pain medication and explained that I would do as much as I could to help make her comfortable. See refused to look at me. Later that day, when taking care of the ostomy she turned away and


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