7000 Data Management

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Create a memo describing your initial analysis of the situation at FAME as it relates to the design of the data base application. Write this as though you are writing a memo to Martin Forondo. Ensure that your memo addresses the following points:

a. Your approach to addressing the problem at hand (for example, specify the systems development life cycle or whatever approach you plan on taking).
Mr. Forondo, FAME (Forndo Artist Management Excellence) needs technology support to track the contracts of artists, a proposal for contracts to new artists, calendars of artist schedules and the performance shows, etc. In any event, music manager today have to be informed about a lot more things than they used to in the past including music
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The Artist Management application and the feasible database is a powerful resource containing all the answers to the most important questions you have about artist management, and all the information you need to handle the increasingly complicated job of being a manager and helping to take your artist’s careers “to the next level”! Each morning you get up to address the day, you’ll be equipped with the most current management know-how and actionable intelligence to put your best strategies forward and achieve ultimate success for you and your artists.
• Finding Artists
• The Management Contract
• Career planning for your artist
• Understanding different types of deals.
• Understanding the roles of the different industry ‘Players’
• Solutions to common management challenges
• Copyright basics
• The role of the major label A&R rep
• How major record labels evaluate and sign talent
• Options for the way forward in today's music business
Customers can book artists directly on the application and managers can manage the artists calendar where the information stored in ARTIST_BOOKING table. So, managers can be aware of the artists occupancy based on the occupancy. All the customer information and their payment information will be stored in CUSTOMER and PAYMENT table respectively. This way FAME can generate reports for the


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