Resilience and Spirituality

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Through the course of researching and writing the paper some very interesting things about resilience and spirituality have been observed. While one would assume that a person that exhibits great faith would be very resilient, that is not always the case. Resilience comes from an inner strength that can be magnified by a strong faith.
In order for a person to truly have a high level of resilience, they must also have a strong faith. That faith does not have to be in God but it does have to be a faith in something that you believe with protect you and see you through life’s trials. While a belief in something other than God many help a person in the short term, it will ultimately fail them as everything falls short of the
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Spirituality is not the same as faith
According to Roehlkepartain (2005), “Spirituality is difficult to define because of deep ambiguities of everyday usage that have encouraged educational theorist, policy makers and practitioners to pursue diverse social cultural, and political aims, agendas, and outcomes in the name of spiritual education.” There are many spiritual people that do not have an ounce of faith. Many people often confuse the two words and use them interchangeably. In the face of trauma, many people turn to spirituality for answers and comfort. Increased spirituality has been shown to help in the overall healing and wellbeing of patients dealing with illness (Brush, 2007). In reality this spirituality should be converted into faith in God to see them through the storm (Koenig, 2006).
According to Gottlieb (2013), “as we become more mindful, accepting, grateful, compassionate, and lovingly connected to others, we become more spiritual.” He goes on to explain that being more spiritual may lead a person to grow in faith. This could be a faith in God, Buddha, or whatever. Spirituality is more concerned with religion or religious issues than simple faith. Belief in a certain religion does not equate to faith. For example, I believe that government can be a positive force on the population but I do not have any faith that it will actually occur.
It is often in the quest for answers and comfort in the wake of a traumatic event that people


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